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Luxury Nashua Secure Hiding Facility of Hunt’s Security

Conference Room C

Nashua, New Hampshire
Sunday, September 13th, 2015, 11:00 am



      They all gathered together the next morning for their second meeting.  Keith and Kara sat together near their parents.  Jared and Michelle sat together, and Carmen sat next to Michelle.

      Jared began the meeting by stating, “Thanks to Carmen we now can make water!”

      Aaron said, “That’s great!”  Aaron turned to Carmen.  “Good job.”

      Carmen smiled and said, “I really didn’t do much, but thank you.”

      Aaron asked, “What else can you make?”

      Jared replied, “Well, I only had time to make salt and sugar.  Sugar took some time because the formula is a bit complex.”

      Sarah asked, “Is it going to take a long time to build up a database of molecular formulas?  What happens when you get into multi-molecular items?”

      Jared nodded solemnly, “It will take a while.  Everything has to be coded from scratch.  Also, at the moment I’m doing, well Carmen and I really are doing, detailed tests to make sure each item was built correctly.  After awhile we can relax on the testing, I think.”

      Aaron asked, “How long would it take for you to program food?  Say, for example, bread?”

      “It would take a long . . . long time.  It might take me a day just to figure out how the bread is put together.”

      Carmen whispered something to Jared.  He whispered something in reply.

      Carmen said aloud, “I think there may be a shorter way.  The builders need to record all sub-atomic locations in the structures it takes apart as part of the tracking process.  If we kept that information, we could remake almost anything.  In fact, maybe we could remake anything.”

      Jared agreed, “She’s right.  It would take some work, but in the end it would save an infinite amount of time. We could reduce the number of supplies we took in.  Well, except for plants and animals, of course.”

      Michelle asked, “Can you use the builders to make living things?”

      Jared said, “I doubt it.  Maybe, but even if we could it would be like mass instant cloning.  There would only be one sex and no genetic variety.  It would all die out after the first generation!”

      Carmen added, “Plus there may be more than molecules that make up an animal.  It’s hard to say what would happen if you made a copy of a brain like that.”

      Michelle said, “Plants though?”

      Jared nodded, “Probably.”

      Aaron said, “That’s great.  The less people we need to bring in to help set us up, the better.  Now we had discussed biologists.  Let’s get a plant biologist and a vet.”

      Jared said, “Sounds good.  You’re right about the vet.  The vet is our best bet to take care of animals.”

      Sarah asked, “Are we sure we want a hacker?  It might be more trouble than it’s worth.”

      Aaron said, “As much as I hate the idea, we do.”

      Sarah asked, “What will prevent him from messing with software we make?”

      Jared replied, “Probably nothing.  Hackers tend to believe information should be freely accessible.  We need to find somebody who isn’t destructive, just curious!”

      Aaron said, “OK, so to summarize, we need three to four more couples with two or more children.  In the bunch, we need a hacker, a doctor . . . a medical doctor, a vet, a programmer and finally a plant biologist.  Anything else?”

      Keith asked, “Don’t we need like a carpenter or architect to make sure as we expand we don’t kill ourselves?”

      Kara asked, “What do you mean?”

      Keith answered, “Well, if we are going to be there for generations our . . . population will increase.  We’ll need more room.”

      Aaron said, “That’s a good point.  We don’t want the structure to collapse, and we need somebody who will know how to make repairs.  Most architects aren’t used to dealing with special places.  These facilities took a long time to build because we had to get just the right people.”  Aaron snapped his fingers, “Actually, that’s the solution.  We might be able to get one of them.”

      Sarah said, “Just because they can keep quiet doesn’t mean they will want to leave with us.”

      Aaron replied, “We’ll have to look carefully.”

      Michelle said, “We still need a location!”

      Aaron added, “We need to pick a country to locate ourselves.  I think it should be close to the places where fixes will be needed the most.”

      Jared said, “Europe then.  Europe, West Asia, and the Middle East have the worst problems time and again.”

      Kara asked, “You’re just going to abandon the US?”

      Sarah said, “Yes, we are.  The US is beyond help and beyond hope.  Plus, being so big and so isolated makes them . . . or us . . . mostly vulnerable to internal problems.  Even with all the bad things that have happened we are so much better off than people in Tibet, or Palestine.”

      Kara said, “But I don’t want to leave!”

      Aaron asked, “Do you mean you decided to go?”

      Kara blushed.  “Well, yeah. I think Keith is going to go too.”

      Keith nodded, “Heck yeah, count me in!”

      Sarah said, “Are you sure?  You haven’t had much time to think about it.”

      Keith said, “I’m sure.  This is going to be one adventure I won’t be missing!”

      Kara said less enthusiastically, “At first I was against it.  Plus, I really like this country.  But you’re my family and I’ll go too.”

      Aaron said, “OK, but let us know if you change your minds.”

      They nodded in agreement.

      Jared said, “That should be true for you as well, Carmen.  If you change your mind, let us know.”

      Carmen smiled, “Nobody will be changing my mind.”

      Keith looked relieved.  In fact, everybody but Kara seemed relieved that Carmen wanted to go.  The ‘adults’ all knew she would play an important role working with Jared.  Carmen would probably take over his work when he got older.

      Sarah had her concerns about both Keith and Kara.  Her first concern was that they agreed!  It was so rare they agreed.  They were like two stubborn politicians of opposing parties.  It baffled her that at times they could still be friendly.  Kara didn’t seem too sure she wanted to go.  Kara’s life was full of activity and friends; she would lose that by going. Then on the other hand, her feelings came through with her words, and Kara had probably been honest.  Keith, though, never agreed to something so easily and so decidedly.  Sarah wondered if it was Carmen.  Sarah knew he liked her, even if he kept it to himself, or at least from her.  Carmen was the only girl Keith ever talked about.  She could imagine Keith wanting to marry Carmen.  Carmen, though, would Carmen love Keith?  She seemed to treat Keith more like a little brother than a potential love interest.  Sarah wondered if Carmen already liked somebody.  Then she realized if Carmen did like somebody she would not have been so ready to go with this plan.

      Jared brought the meeting back on track by saying, “How about Sweden?”

      Keith said in a mock Swedish accent, “Ya, ve vould lofe to go to Sveden!”

      Kara pinched him, and he squealed.  That was the Keith and Kara their parents knew and loved!

      Michelle said, “It’s too far north.  How about Switzerland?”

      Carmen said, “It’s a good choice.  Heck, that’s where the UN went!”

      Aaron nodded in agreement, “They won’t harass us.  The French, or at least the Parisians, are as leery as ever about Americans.  The UK is in a bad spot, an island.  Germany, well . . . they’re uptight.  Italy is as bad as Germany.  Spain is too far south.  Russia is still semi-impoverished, which tends to cause people to be over curious about rich foreigners!  Austria, Slovenia, Poland, and the Czech Republic are all too unstable.  Luxembourg is too small, Belgium and the Netherlands are too far north and cut off from the rest of Europe.”

      Sarah nodded, “I agree.  I think that’s why the UN chose it.  Who knows, maybe if the UN improves and becomes a major force we might visit to make a fix from time to time.”

      Michelle said, “Sounds good to me.”

      Kara asked, “What language do they speak?”

      Keith said, “Does it matter?  We have translators.”

      Kara said, “Yes, what if they break?”  Translators were headsets that not only translated any words out of hundreds of languages to the wearers’ native language but also translated the whispered speech of the wearer and output it to whatever language the person wearing it had selected

      Aaron interrupted the squabbling, “Since the UN moved in, they speak some English. Plus, the internet has made English more popular.  Previously they mostly spoke German, French, Italian and Romansch.”

      Keith asked, “Roma what?”

      Carmen said, “Romansch.  It’s the Roman language.  I think the Swiss are the only people that still use it.  Don’t worry, it’s not that popular.”

      Aaron asked everybody, “So, do we agree on Switzerland?”

      Everybody nodded.

      Aaron said, “OK, I’ll do some work to find property there to build.”

      Michelle asked, “If we seal ourselves in, how will we get out to make . . . fixes?”

      Sarah said, “We’ll make a few exits that work like submarines or space ships.  So basically we will have anti-chambers.”

      Michelle said, “How do we prevent people from finding them?”

      Aaron said, “That is going to be tricky.  One important thing is that we need to stay away from the Alps.  We don’t want to be caught in an earthquake; it’ll have to be northern Switzerland.  This might make it tougher to find a remote location.  We’ll buy the land and that should keep people off for a while.  For the long term, the entrances will be overgrown. We can probably hide it by doing some simple structures above ground.  I’ll start looking for land after this meeting.”

      Sarah said, “OK, I’ll start putting feelers out for people who fit our needs. I’ll start with an architect.”

      Jared said, “OK, I’ll be working on the builders . . . of course.”

      Michelle had been wondering where she would really fit into the picture.  She had only worked for a few years when she was younger.  She had been a 6th grade teacher until they moved to New Hampshire.  “What should I do?”

      Jared said sarcastically, “Woman, you should cook, clean, and bear me children.”

      Michelle replied, “Well, I’m trying to get that last part down.”

      Aaron said, “Weren’t you a teacher once?”

      Michelle nodded yes.

      Aaron said, “Carmen, Keith, and Kara can probably learn on their own anything they will miss by leaving.  Your children and possibly some of the other children however will need a school.  To make a school we’ll need books, and lesson plans and whatever else teachers use.  We will also of course need a teacher.”

      Michelle said, “OK, I’ll start gathering materials for teaching.  If we do 12 whole grades, it’ll take a ton of books. That’ll keep me busy for a long time.”

      Jared added, “If Carmen and I can get the builders to record and replicate we might need only one of any book.”

      Michelle nodded, “It’s still a ton of books.  Plus there are subjects that will be important that I don’t even know, like languages.”

      Keith said, “What about me?  Carmen has something to do, so can I help too?”

      Sarah said, “The three of you can help, but you need to learn as much as possible in school now.  Also, you have to act normal.”

      Kara said, “Keith can’t act normal.”

      Carmen countered, “We have to act like ourselves.  We have to fit our own version of normalcy.”

      Kara rolled her eyes.

      Aaron said, “Well, we should do some research into biospheres.  Keith, want to take a crack at it?”

      Keith said, “Consider it done.”

      Kara asked as if she didn’t want to be left out, “What about me?”

      Sarah said, “Why don’t you make lists of items we’ll need and want: clothing, food, toys, kitchenware, and so on.”

      Kara said, “Sure thing.”

      Aaron asked, “Is there anything else we need to discuss?”  They all nodded no.  “OK, let’s meet again Wednesday.”

      Kara said, “I have a rehearsal on Wednesday.”

      Aaron frowned.  “We’ll take notes for you.”

      The meeting dispersed.  Jared talked to Aaron.  Keith and Kara went back to the house.  Sarah went off to use a computer.  Carmen waited for Jared but then Michelle started to talk to her.

      “Carmen, can you help me with my project?”

      She smiled, “Sure, Mrs. Miller, what do you need?”

      Ick, don’t call me Mrs. Miller.  Do you call Jared Mr. Miller?”

      “No, he won’t let me.”

      Michelle said, “Call me Michelle.”


      “So anyway, I think I can deal with the subjects from kindergarten to maybe eighth grade . . . but I really don’t know what to cover for high school.”

      “Oh. So how can I help?”

      “Could you get me a list of the classes the average high school has?  Then can you rate their importance.”

      “OK, so like trigonometry will be very unimportant in our colony.  However geology and biology will be very important.”

      “Yes, exactly.”

      Carmen asked, “Can we really afford to omit some subjects?  What if in a few generations we need some?”

      “Good point.  I think in a generation or two most of the subjects can be taught, in which case hopefully enough of us will still be around to teach them.”

      Carmen and Michelle continued to talk for some time.  Eventually Aaron and Jared stopped talking and Jared joined the conversation.  The three of them talked until it was time for Carmen to leave for work. 

      “Jared, I need to head to work.  I’m sorry I can’t help today.  Do you want to e-mail me some of the code?”

      Jared shook his head no.  “I’ll be OK. Will we see you Wednesday?”


      “Then you can take a look on Wednesday.”

      She hugged them both and got Aaron to help her get back and to her car.  As the week progressed, they all got working on their different tasks.

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