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Mika and Kara’s home

Time-Keeper Colony


Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, 2:30 pm



      Mike and Kara had planned to spend their day together.  When Samuel stopped at their house to tell them about the pipes, Mike was furious.  After his father had left, Mike paced about the house until he finally went to see Carmen, only telling Kara curtly, “I’ll be back.”

      Kara did not look like she minded.  She would understand he was upset.  Hell, she should have been upset, too!  He remembered how she ignored his arguments, so typical of a girl.  The worst part of the whole event to Mike was the last bit, as if she was protecting him.  He needed no coddling from her ilk.  If only he had known she was not just smart, she was strong.  It would not matter, she might be able to beat him in a fair fight, but he did not have to play fair.

      If Mike had been upset before, he was even more furious now.  He tried to walk it off, but then finally went back to his home.  He could not relax, though.  Kara went to hug him when he got home, but he just walked past her as if he had not even noticed her.  Which was true, he did not have time for Kara.  He had to figure out what to do to take away all the power Carmen was getting.

      Kara went to the room they were planning on setting up for the baby she carried.  Mike was brooding alone when a knock on their door sounded.  He could not know if she had heard it.  He wanted her to get it but got up to open the door himself.  Mike knew if she got it he would have to deal with the complaints of having a pregnant woman get the door.

      She did not really seem pregnant to him.  The whole pregnancy was surreal to him.  She had not put on much weight.  There was no noticeable morning sickness, at least not that she had told him.  They were worried it would be bad after the stories of Michelle’s morning sickness.  A dark thought came to him: what if an easy pregnancy led to a harsh delivery!

      Mike opened the door to see his father’s beat red face.  “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?”

      Mike stammered, “W . . . W . . . What?”

      “This was ALL your fault.”

      “My fault . . . what did she tell you?  Whatever she said was a lie!”

      Samuel blinked for a minute not understanding the reference, “What are you talking about?”

      “Carmen!  She fed you some of her lies, didn’t she!  You ate it up like a little baby.”

      While Carmen had hit him harder than he EVER remembered being hit in his entire life, it was nothing like the blow his father dealt him.  Samuel’s fist hit Mike square in the chest sending him flying, no sailing, backwards.  Mike landed on his ass feet away from where he had just stood.  The sound of his fall was nothing compared to the loud thump his father’s fist had made. 

      Mike could hear Kara’s voice from behind him: “What’s going on?”  It was so far away.  She was not whispering nor yelling so he knew she was near, but yet the sound seemed miles away.  It was as if her voice had been bottled and sent on a ship to finally be opened and heard.

      He could not breathe; the air had been forced from his lungs as if they were simple pumps answering only to his father’s hand.  He felt a faintness rush over him.  Mike felt his skin crawl as the hairs on his skin played havoc.

      Someone was calling him, someone close.  It was like a bird at his ear.  The light of the room exploded around him surrounding him with a white light.  As quickly as the light appeared, it faded into complete blackness.  He could not hear anything, he could not see anything, he could not feel anything, and he could not even smell anything, not even that overpowering floral smell he had just noticed before the light.  He knew that smell: it was Kara’s perfume.

      ‘So, this is it,’ he wondered.  ‘This is how I die, killed by my own father.  Oedipus would be so disappointed.

      ‘No, it won’t end like this. If I can still think, I must still be alive.  It isn’t over, not yet.  Wake up, you stupid body!’

      Mike sat bolt upright, gasping as he went.  He opened his eyes to see his wife only inches in front of his face.  She was hugging him.  Instinctively, he reached his arms out and hugged her back.

      Samuel was behind her.  As soon as they stopped hugging, Samuel asked his son, “Are you OK?”

      After a moment of thoughtful self-assessment Mike said, “Yes, I think so.”

      Samuel looked relieved, but said, “Good, you deserved it.”

      Mike pushed his wife aside and stood to face his father.  “What is your problem?”

      “You, you blocked up the pipes.  How many times did I tell you what can and can’t go down the toilet?”

      “I don’t knare!”

      “You insolent bastard, you’re the reason that woman you hate, you despise so much, spent her day cleaning sewage!”

      They were only a foot apart when Kara shoved herself between them.  She tried to push them apart with her hands.  They did not even notice her until she screamed, “STOP IT.  JUST STOP IT!”

      Samuel looked down at his daughter-in-law, down past her face to the belly that contained his grandchild.  He seemed to regain his composure, started to say something, but then turned and walked out, leaving the door open to the breezeless air of the colony.

      As soon as Samuel was gone, she turned to face her husband.  She put her hands behind his neck and bent forward so her left cheek rested against his shirt.  Kara cried there for what seemed like hours.  Mike did not want to stand there.  His legs still felt shaky, but he could not leave her crying like that.  He put his hands gently on her shoulders and stayed motionless until her tears were gone.

      “I thought I lost you.”

      Trying to be cheerful Mike said, “You can’t lose me that easily.”

      She whimpered, as if his words furiously cut at her heart.

      “I’m sorry.”

      “Mike, you can’t die on me. We’re having a baby.  Our baby needs a father.  Please, don’t do that again.”

      Mike started to exhale in a sigh but caught himself and said, “I’m sorry.”

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