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Jared and Michelle’s Quarters

Manfred VII

North Atlantic Ocean

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015, 11:45 pm



            During the day, Jared and Carmen successfully tested the new changes to the builder code and hardware.  All of the optimizations in the hardware and software combined with Carmen’s physics functions caused it to work perfectly on the ship with complicated things including clothes, drinks and food.  As they finished, the rocking of the boat picked up. The captain had mentioned they were heading into a storm. 

      After dinner, it started raining heavily.  Lightning lit up the sky followed by deafening booms.  Jared had no trouble sleeping, but Michelle hated the lightning.  Lightning always scared her, but on the ship it was worse.  She knew how dangerous storms could be.  She finally gave up on sleep, dressed and went to the bridge.  The captain and crew were very busy.  She overheard one of them say, “That last wave was forty-five feet!”

      When the captain noticed her he said, “You shouldn’t be here.  You’ll be safe in your cabin.”

      She walked back to her cabin and got back into bed, still clothed.  The rocking and the noise were too much; she couldn’t sleep. Somebody knocked on the door.  She pushed her husband to get him to wake up. He shook his head as he awoke. “What is it,” Jared said.

      “Somebody’s at the door.”

      The knock sounded again.  He got up and pulled on a robe.  He opened the door and Carmen was there.  “What’s wrong, Carmen?” asked Michelle.

      “I’m sorry; I can’t sleep.  Were you sleeping?”

      They both said no.  Jared said, “Well, since we’re not sleeping . . . want to play a game?”

      Carmen said, “Actually, I want to check on Keith.  I know it’s silly, but I’m worried.  I stopped here because it was on the way.”

      Michelle said, “OK, we’ll go with you.”

      Jared yawned, “We will?”

      Michelle poked him, “We will.”

      Jared gave in, “We will, let me get dressed though.”  Carmen turned around so he could get dressed.  He quickly put on jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.  “OK, let’s go.”

      They walked down the hall and knocked on Keith’s door.  There was no reply.  They knocked again, but louder.  Jared sighed, “I’ll go in.”

      He knocked a final time then opened the door.  It was pitch-black in the room until Jared found the light.  Keith was still asleep under the blankets.  Jared poked Keith to wake him.  Keith rolled over and mumbled, “I don’t want to go to school.”

      Jared poked Keith again, “Kara, get the phone,” he mumbled.

      Finally, Jared shook him a little and said, “Wake up.”

      Keith partially opened his eyes, “What’s happening?  What do you want?”

      Jared laughed, “There’s a storm, and we wanted to see if you were all right. Carmen’s here.  You should get dressed.”

      “Carmen? OK.”

      Keith got up, still half asleep.  He slowly got dressed.  He walked into the door, which woke him the rest of the way.

      When Keith finally got into the hall, Carmen said, “Are you OK?  Didn’t the storm keep you awake?”

      Keith shrugged saying, “I guess the rocking was soothing.”

      Jared asked, “So . . . now what are we going to do?”

      Michelle said, “We should check on Kara.”

      They went farther down the hall, and Michelle knocked on Kara’s door.  There was no answer, so she knocked again.  Jared looked at Michelle and said, “Your turn.”

      Michelle opened the door.  She called into the dark cabin, “Kara?”  Michelle turned on the light, but Kara was not in her bed.  Michelle returned to the hall, “She’s not here.”

      Jared said, “This is a non-stop train.  Let’s see how Aaron and Sarah are doing.”

      They continued down the hall to Aaron and Sarah’s room.  Aaron, Sarah, and Kara were all dressed and playing Chinese checkers. Keith knocked, and the door quickly opened.  Sarah opened the door from the inside, and Aaron called to Jared, “They woke you up, too?”

      Jared shrugged, “Yep.”

      Aaron said, “Well, now that you’re here, want to play checkers . . . Asian style?”

      Jared joked, “Is that like football . . . European style?”

      Aaron laughed, “No doubt it is.”

      They all found a spot to sit in the cabin.  Michelle said, “I stopped in the bridge and the crew said there were high waves.”

      Aaron replied gently, “I’m sure it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.  We’ll be fine.”  Then he turned to Jared, “Except for a lack of sleep, eh?”

      Jared nodded.

      They sat down to play Chinese checkers.  The checkers were pegs that stuck into the board so that it could be played in cars and on boats.  Since only six could play, Michelle said, “I’ll sit this one out.”

      The game went quickly, and Aaron won.  They continued playing for hours as the storm continued to beat the ship.  Around 3 AM, the sea started to calm and the storm receded.  When they finished the game they were playing Jared and Aaron said, “Bedtime!”

      Sarah said, “Are you sure?  We could play for a few more hours!”

      Aaron replied with a slight hint of bitterness, “Fine, play in the galley!”

      Michelle said, “Well, we’d better go.  Good night thanks for the company!”

            They walked back to their cabins.  Carmen hugged Keith and then the Millers before she went on to her cabin.  Kara said goodnight to everybody and went to bed.  Jared and Michelle both went back to sleep.

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