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George Peterson’s Office

Counter Terrorist Force Headquarters

Concord, New Hampshire
Monday, October 5th, 2015, 4:00 pm



      As soon as the CTF team was killed, George knew he would have to tell Krinshaw everything.  He had hoped that his information and eventual discovery would make his career.  Now he could only hope the information would save his job.  George had hoped that he could find the Midas machine, and then deliver it directly to the president.  If he kept the information from Krinshaw, he would be fired and giving the information to the president at that point would be too risky.  Krinshaw might retaliate later if George demanded his job back.  They might just take the machine from him.  In fact, worst-case scenario, he would be arrested and executed for terrorism, which would be a dark irony.

      George called Krinshaw, hoping to be the first to break the news. When he got put through to Krinshaw he said, “Sir, this is George Peterson from the NH CTF branch.”

      “What have you screwed up this time, Peterson?”

      “Well, Sir, I have been holding information that may alter our national security, in the hopes of preventing such an event.  You see, I think the Millers have a Midas Machine!”

      “Peterson, do you understand why there is a chain of command?  We have ways for things to work that you can’t just circumvent.”

      “Sir, I’m very sorry, but I wanted to insure this information was kept safe.”

      “I told you to forget the Millers or you would lose your job.  Now what is this Midas machine, and IT BETTER BE GOOD?”

      “Sir, Jared Miller is an inventor.  He killed the first three agents by turning them into gold!”

      “Peterson, did I hear you right, First THREE?  How many agents, who are supposed to be funding us, have died for your Midas machine?”

      “Sir, since the three survivors of the original team already knew about the machine, I kept them looking for it to keep the number of people who knew to a minimum.”


      “Yes, Sir,” George replied.

      “You doubled your losses on work I told you to stop.”

      “Yes, Sir, you have every right to be mad.  This machine is worth it though.  It could save our economy!”

      “What does it do again?”

      “It turned people into gold!  It will probably turn anything into gold!”

      “They used this machine to kill six agents by turning them to gold?”

      “No, Sir, just three.  The last three died in, well, we don’t have the details yet.  They died interrogating a suspect who was hiding the Millers’ location from us.  It may have been a car accident, but we only have the three agents’ bodies and don’t have the suspect’s body.  Either she survived or it wasn’t an accident.  We haven’t been able to find her yet, either.”

      “Peterson, this is a disaster.  You should have told me by now.  If that technology is made public, the value of gold will plummet.  Our gold reserves will be worthless!  Is this suspect your only lead?”

      “No Sir, there is a family that runs a security company that is also suspected. The parents in the family were former FBI agents.”

      “Peterson, I’ll inform the president.  This is a crisis.  Unless I’m told otherwise, you watch them for a week.  If you see no sign of the Millers within that time, charge them with economic terrorism and search all of their assets and property.  IF we get through this and get the machine, you MIGHT keep your job.  Understood?”

      Without a formal terrorism charge, they could not enter the Hunt residence because they owned a business and were former government workers.  The majority of residential searches were done to middle-class families who were never charged or convicted.

      “Yes, Sir!”

      After the call, Krinshaw called his White House contact. Eventually it was decided to sell the entire gold reserve to foreign countries before the week was over.  It was assumed that if the information did not go public by the time they did the search, the search itself would greatly increase the chances of the information leaking.  The second the information got to a foreign news source the value of gold would fall, possibly lower than the price of steel or iron.  However, if they sold off all the gold and then made more, they could slowly sell it.  If they sold it too quickly, the market would saturate and the lack of demand would cause the price to fall.  As long as they sold it to as many countries as possible, it minimized the likelihood of people realizing how much gold was being output by the United States.

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